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Crowell Art Collection on exhibit until March 2015

Our permanent art collection, so generously donated by Robert & Muriel Crowell in 2000, is on display in the Gallery until the end of March.
The southern Vermont artists included are Clare Adams, Eric Aho, Barbara Comfort, Janet Fish, James Florschutz, Michaela Harlow, Marcy Hermansader, Wolf Kahn, Mallory Lake, Emily Mason, Jules Olitski, Susan Osgood, John Ridgway, Rogers Sandes, Harry Saxman, Deidre Scherer, Johnny Swing, and James Urbaska.
This is an exquisite collection; don’t miss your chance to see it!

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December Crowell Gallery

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 8.40.47 AM

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October in Crowell Gallery

N W Casey’s Kaleidoscope Photographs

photo copy

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Crowell Art Gallery Showing

This month Kate Hennessy is exhibiting her fantastic paintings in the form of floorcloths. Below are two of them. Please stop in and take a look. Also Kate has included a history of floorcloths to read that is interesting.

LibraryFloorcloth2 LibraryFloorcloth1

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New in Crowell Gallery

Larry Simons Sculpture and Assemblages opens Saturday May 4 ( 9 am-1 pm) and runs through the month in our gallery.

Flag by Larry Simons

Larry Simons, who lives in a house he designed and built himself on forty-two acres near Brattleboro, Vermont, specializes in assemblages of found wood and metal objects. The wood Simons uses is both natural, such as driftwood, or pre-rendered from its previous life as part of a building, tool, piece of furniture, or other consumer object.

He created his first sculptures in 1965, from the leather scraps from a sandal shop where he worked on Cape Cod. In his work since, he describes himself as a “recycler by nature,” saying, “virtually everything I use in my art has had a previous life – bobbins, chair spindles, tool handles, toys, croquet sets and wooden patterns from steel mills,” for example.

Moved by weathered buildings, Simons’ work takes on the rusticity he loves, and the compositions, whether symmetrical or irregular, showcase the lines of objects evocative of the past. The metal that appears in his pieces is frequently rusted, as he appreciates the hue of rust in conjunction with that of wood, and it serves further to endow his objects with a sense of age. He prefers to work with the colors of objects he finds, rather than repainting or recoloring anything, so his creation of an assemblage such as the flag, at left, require tracking down pieces of the necessary red, white, or blue. Much of Simons’ work, like the flag, lines up or stripes the different pieces of wood, creating a tension between the rigidity of the vertical or the horizontal, and the irregularity of the found objects.

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April In Crowell Gallery

Timpson Hill Preschool is exhibiting this month. Wonderfully spirited large colorful paintings that were painted by the young students. (Photographs by Jane King of Brattleboro.)

timpson hill 2


timpson hill 3


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March Crowell Gallery

A few photos from the art work of Esther Fielding that is now up in the gallery.





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